This Week’s SOLS

Math –

The students will use calendar language appropriately during daily calendar time, they will read a calendar to locate a given day and/or date and correctly identify the 7 days of
the week and the 12 months of the year, (SOL 1.11).

The students will be learning about the following math concepts during the next three weeks are:

  • identifying shapes by the number of sides, vertices, and/or right angles
  • Sorting objects by shape, color, size, and/or use

Science –

The students will be learning about the sun. We will be discussing how the sun helps the earth by giving us light, heat, and energy.

Writing –

The students will be writing sentences that make sense, have correct punctuation and capitalization, and have spaces between the words, (SOL 1.12a, 1.13e). We will also be focusing on letter formation.

Reading –

The students will be listening to and reading a variety of fictional and non-fictional text and identifying the character, setting, problem, and solution, (SOL 1.10). We will also be previewing, predicting, and confirming and changing our predictions, and learning to read with fluency and expression,(SOL 1.10).

We will be learning about short vowel patterns.